Thursday, October 27, 2005

A time to sing

Two days ago we Aussies were finally able to use a version of the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) customised for us. But this was not without some hiccups. Apart from the [well reported] absence of Sony BMG there were some other minor problems with the launch; like this conundrum I reported to Apple. 'She Will Have Her Way: The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn' which was been advertised on the iTMS home-page in the "feature fader" (the promotional graphics at the top of the page) had 2 songs on it's track listing that were not available for single purchase - they said 'Album Only'. Yet you could not buy the album as a whole as it said 'By Song Only'. Now, not that I wanted to buy the album (or any songs on it), I thought I would ask Apple how you were meant to get the 2 'Album Only' songs. Screen shot showing the Album page before the fix So I filled out their feedback forms (none of the predefined form options allowed for such a problem). 2 days later I received a rather generic reply (obviously Support is been done in the US - not only was this email received at 2 am our-time but 'apologize' is spelt with a 'z'):

Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store.

The iTunes Music Store is currently updating certain files. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you enjoy our available selections. Thank you.

This morning I went and checked if the dilemma had been fixed - it was. You can now buy the album as a whole with the 'BUY ALBUM' button. It's good to see when you can make a difference. Screen shot showing the Album page before the fix


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