Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Taste of the Future

After getting home from work last night, we found that there was absolutely no water pressure in our house. No water at all in the cold pipes and only a dribble of hot water (probably what's left in the hot water system). So I went outside to see if some silly bugger had turned off our mains (which would be a sinch to do as most people have their mains tap open for all at the front of their block). As I was doubl- checking that it was opened right up (which it was), my neighbour came out to do the same to their's. I was not alone - it would see to be the hole grid. She guess that there must be a burst somewhere and was going to call Sydney Water. I joked that the dam had finally emptied.

By the time I got back inside, the water was back and building to full pressure. It must be raining in the dam...

There was no stories about this at the Sydney Water media centre I wonder if this will become a common occurrence?


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