Thursday, July 28, 2005

Art for the masses

Catching the train for many hours each day over long distances when I was going to school; I saw a lot of graffiti. To pass the time I would often look for new works that caught the eye. I have never liked tags; not only are they unsightly but the reasoning that would be behind them is just so vain and stupid (I mean your committing a crime - why leave your name/mark at the scene). I liked seeing murals in their place (ie. on boring walls that are not used for anything else). I despise graffiti on residential property or structure that it would be really hard to remove - like sandstone blocks.

This morning will reading my news feeds; Dan Cederholm had a link to Bansky which was right up my alley (pun intended). This guys work is very real and thought provoking. I just wish there was smart stuff similar to this on the Blue Mountains to Sydney line rather than the usual unreadable tangled colour mess that only lasted a few days before been covered in brown paint.

This is very similar, but much more anonymous, to the great chalk street drawing done by Julian Beever. Which makes me think a lot about the planning that goes into these temporary art pieces.


Blogger Mountain/\Ash posted...

Found this morning - kinda like Banksy's work but not as risky.

6:52 am  
Blogger Mountain/\Ash posted...

Found a Banksy Group on flickr.

3:52 pm  

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