Friday, May 13, 2005

Triple M streaming for Mac

This morning I got to work much earlier than normal, meaning I missed the radio show that I normally catch on the drive in. So checked out the radio stations website in Safari (v1.3) and noticed that click the "Listen Now" link did nothing. So I tried the same thing in Firefox; also nothing. So on viewing source I noticed some dodge JavaScript, but quickly found the page it was trying to open - some big "wait and watch" Flash advertisement - which never ended. On viewing the source of this page these I was able to get the next redirect URL from the JavaScript soup. This lead to a "player" which also failed on my Mac. On viewing the source again I finally got to the Windows Media Player file: For those readers not in Sydney I grabed the playlist URLs for the other states: For a bit of fun listen to the same station in other states (it interesting listening to the different ads and promos around the same show).


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