Sunday, July 15, 2007

Random background image in Mac Terminal

As submitted to Mac OSX Hints:

Found this one out by accident. In Apple's, under the 'Terminal' menu, choose 'Window Settings...' then the 'Color' plane.

Under 'Background Settings' you can set the background to be an image BUT you can also choose a folder.

Setting the option to a folder full of images will cause each new Terminal window to have a different image from the chosen folder.

It's these "just works" feature that makes Mac so cool.

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Blogger Berry K posted...

Hm, this appears to no longer work in Leopard. Oh well...

6:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous posted...

Yeah - it seems you can't even have just a single background image. Seems it can only be a flat colour - that seems strange that the option would be removed. We must be missing it somewhere?

11:25 pm  

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