Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Developer patterns - a different type of pattern

A copy of an message sent to John Allsop in relation to his study on Web Patterns.


Probably a bit late for this years conference but I had another idea for your "source code web crawler". It would be interesting to see stats on another type of common pattern that we web designers seem to follow.

I would like to see what directory names we use for site structure. I.e. What's the consensus on using a folder named 'css', 'styles', 'c' (News Ltd use this) or something else (ie. regex on the directory parent of files ending in '.css')? A similar study could be done on the images ('img', 'images', 'media', 'i') and scripts ('js', 'scripts', 'j') folders.

You could take this even further to see what the most common files names are. I estimate that there are a heap of 'style.css' and 'logo.gif' but I haven't picked-up a trend on the "default" JavaScript filename.

Let me know what you think,

I'll let you know the outcome.


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