Sunday, June 18, 2006

Calling all Mac & Firefox users

I have finally "defined" an annoyance I have put up with for a long time.

If you use Firefox on OS X with your 'Dock' positioned to the side or with "hiding" turned on you will have encountered this issue. When opening a new browser window from a fully maximised Firefox window you would see that the new window is staggered down (by the height if the title bar) causing the 'status bar' to drop off the bottom of the screen. Very annoying if, like me, you use the 'status bar' a lot.

After searching the 'net for a fix I found that this is a known issue and was reported way back in 2003. I think now is high time for a fix. I don't think this issue has been getting the attention it needs for someone to invest time in fixing it. So I'm putting out a call for users to simply vote on this bug in an attempt to get it noticed and hopefully get a fix.