Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sit where your told

On Monday night I went and saw the Johnny Cash life story "Walk the Line" which I thought was a very good movie - but this is not a movie review. I want to complain about the cinema (naming names: Greater Union Castle Hill) and their decision to bring back reserved seating. This is such a bad idea for so many reasons.

  1. It slows the tick buying process. You are now asked where in the cinema you want to sit.
  2. It makes it harder to come to the movies with friends (as we were) as you now have to buy your tickets together if you want to sit together.
  3. You now have to "hunt" for your seat
  4. You maybe "forced" to site next to someone you don't like (like a crying baby)
  5. It causes conflict when you sit in someone else's seat (like I did).

But worst of all, and what pissed me off the most (and it takes a fair-bit to piss me off) was the fact that the little asile number lights are turned up to full brightness for the entire movie. It was like having one of those little pocket torches pointed at the side of my head the whole time. Not fun.

We have now boycotted this cinema and have since been to the new Hoyts at Blacktown twice. Being a new cinima everything is much better there anyway (except for the queues)


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