Thursday, March 23, 2006

Free calls for you and me

As most [some] of you know I've been using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) (where your telephone calls go though your Internet connection) for over a year. Honestly there are some minor issues (some times you need to reboot the SIP box) but you can expect that for the savings you can make.

Engin is the provider I use and they have just offered me a deal where if I pass-on business they will sell the VoIP SIP box for only $1 (normally $139) which is a bargain and removes the biggest barrier for starting to use VoIP.

You'll still need to have a full time broadband connection. So those of you on ADSL will still need to pay for the normal phone line rental (but I think you can get a cheaper version if you only want ADSL on it, no calls - see your telco). So it may only be on financial benefit if you make a lot of calls.

I use it is so that I don't have to pay the ridiculous $29 (or whatever it is now) monthly phone line rental fee. I pay $9.95 a month and all calls to any landline in Australia are only 10 cents and un-timed. So everywhere (STD and national) is less than what you'd normally pay for a local call. Also you can call other Engin users (like me) for free. You also get cool things like CID and voicemail for free (my missed calls get sent to my email as a sound file - techie or what?)

PS. I'm just telling you this because I know some of you are intereted in it not because I'm getting paid by them. Although I do get a referral fee, but I'm doing this for you. Let me know if your keen.


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