Friday, March 17, 2006

Alert: Validation wanker

I was to chicken to post this on the WSG mailing list, so I thought I'd point you:

This is such an abuse of the "Validator" link, IMO. Although the site's code validates it is so "bad" on so many levels. For example:

  • inaccessible text in the image
  • a description in the 'keywords' meta element
  • HTML comments before HTML is declared
  • horizontal scroll at 800x600
  • presentation in html (#ffffff on body - which could be shorted to #FFF)
  • extraneous divs (<div id="form">)
  • inline JavaScript
  • no form validation (even on the server side)
  • a form that alerts the user it worked even before it did
  • <br> tag for spacing

I'm sure there is more.

The RSS validation link even fails.

Please do not flame me for this post. I know that my sites are not perfect (always trying) but this brings "validation wanking" to a new level.


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