Saturday, September 10, 2005

The NEW...

On my way to the Hospital yesterday I was listening to the radio (don't do that much any more now I'm not in the car much) and heard a ad for "the new Holden Crewman". "New"? "New"??? What? This is a car/ute that has been around over two years (source). When does it stop becoming new?

I remember (for as long as I've listened) that radio station 2MMM (Triple M - Sydney) is always promoting itself as "The new Triple M". It has been the same station on the same frequency since 1980 (source), what make it so new?

I think the ACCC really needs to guide advertisers in the use of the term "new". I reckon that something that is over 6 months old (been liberal) is no longer new.


X-Ray of my neck from the front - the 4 lighter bars are from the braceI had a check-up at Nepean Hospital yesterday (the first one since I left the ward over a month ago). After about seven x-rays I had an appointment with the doctor who said everything was looking good and said I should keep things "low impact" for another 6 months. I also asked him a few questions about the operation and saw for the first time some of the x-rays and the MRI of what happened inside me - good to know.