Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Top score

This morning I noticed my ISP's website advertising a game promoting their new call cap on home (land line) phones [something to stop the mass shift to mobiles]. I had a quick play of the game and easily ranked in the top 5 (abeit not many people has played yet judging by the number of very low scores on the scoreboard. Apon selling that Optus had outscourced the game to the same company they use to send spam (mass marketing emails) to their customers; the same company that uses Dreamweaver (in design mode) to code bloated emails; I thought that the scorces are probably quite easy to hack. I opened up the Live HTTP Headers window to peek what was been sent where. Copied my last score query. Did a little "hacking" of the values and re-submitted. Vola, number 1 with an unbelieveable (literally) lead. I am now writting up an email to send letting them know a simple way to limit the hole.