Friday, March 11, 2005

BOM Suxs

Last week I brought a cheap(ish) new montain bike off eBay to ride to work each day as the buses are becoming a total joke. Last Thursday 3 buses didn't even arrive, I was waiting for 30 mins before I call my wife for a lift. They are ment to come every 10 mins.

Anyway... so since Monday I have been riding from North Ryde to Chatswood (through the Lane Cove National Park and then up Fullers Road). Yesterday (Thursday) I caught the bus as the Sydney metropolitan forcast on Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said that it would rain, which it didn't. Today the site said "Early cloud. Mainly fine". Even though it looked like it would rain I thought "what would I know compared to these trained professionals who do this with specialised equipment???". So I road to work today ... and arrived saturated.

I've learnt my lesson, like the weather report in Good Morning Vietnam, I'll be looking out the window to see what going on.

Late Night Fireworks

Another strange early morning occurance to set the local dogs off. This morning there was about 6 fireworks launched in quick succession but with no after effect. I'm guessing it was a prankster letting off some flares or those warning devices they lay on the railway line when doing track work. If anyone down closer to the Seven Hills station has some more info, please add it in the comments.